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Lab Manual

Module Module Name Experiment
EE3302/EE3302E Industrial Control Systems Experiment 1(K K Tan) : Advanced

Control System
Experiment 2 (K K Tan) : PLC

Programming for sequence control

Experiment 3 (WK Ho) : Sensor & Signal Conditioning And Control

Experiment 4: Fieldbus Control System
ME4245/ME4245E Robotics Experiment 1: Robot Kinematics,

Dynamics and Control
EE5109 Applications of Mechatronics Modelling, Simulation and Control of a

DC Motor
EE4306 Distributed Autonomous Robotic System Distributed Autonomous Robotic System
EE4307 System Modelling and Simulation Control System Design and Simulation



Lecture Notes

EE5104 / EE6104 Adaptive Control Systems Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four